The L.E.A.D. Model

Frontline Outreach Youth and Family Center embraces the L.E.A.D model (Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Academics, and Destiny).  This model gives every child the necessary tools to succeed.


Leadership is the process of influencing people by providing purpose, direction and motivation to accomplish a task or mission. Frontline teaches that everyone is a leader; if you inspire one, you have led one and you are a leader.  How should one use this power of influence but for good; so always, lead by example, be a positive inspiration, work diligently, work intelligently and work with good character.



Albert Einstein said, “Logic will get you from A to B, Imagination will take you everywhere.”  We believe encouraging youth to dream and think outside the box leads to individual, family and community prosperity. We also understand that one’s aim can only target what is seen, so we open the door of possibilities for the youth, giving them several targets to aim for and encourage them to develop and explore possibilities. At Frontline we understand that Entrepreneurship success is made more possible with abundant possibility awareness.


Conquering the academic achievement gap and working to establish your community as an academic engine will lead to wealth for everyone. Frontline places a high emphasis on academics as foundational. Frontline teaches that without discipline, practice and preparation we would not know the greats we often look up too. It is understood, as a truism, that extra effort makes you extra and that is our collective goal.



We teach the youth life’s storms are not our destiny; we affect our destinies by preparing for storms during calm times. We are therefore courageous during troubled weather because we are prepared and focused on our goals. We help them to understand, destiny is something forged in preparation, expanded by exposure and appreciated through the pursuit.  At Frontline we teach that destiny can be charted if plans are in place and blessed by our Creator.