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Frontline Vision Breakfast 2022

August 4, 2022 @ 7:30 am - 9:00 am

Thank you to all who have attended a Frontline Vision Breakfast in 2022!

We look forward to connecting with new friends and partners in future breakfasts. Until then, here is a review from a past attendee.



“Do you ever feel like the summer doldrums are getting you down? I mean, it’s unbearably hot; the kids are getting bored; our bodies are sluggish and tired. Well, an event happened Thursday morning at The Hope Event Center that changed my perspective from ho-hum to “WOWZER, I need to get involved! Sign me up!” The theme of the Frontline breakfast program was “Awakening the Genius.” Powerful speakers testified to the importance of nurturing young people’s minds, bodies and spirits through education, technology, innovative learning, character development, even recreation. The students recognize their God-given worth as future leaders and agents of change in our ever evolving world, and through Frontline, they are given opportunities to grow and develop in order to impact the world for Christ. Archbishop Allen Wiggins told the story of how a simple “walk across the street” opened his eyes to ministry opportunities that are in front of our own eyes, often in our own backyards. He and Lady Deborah emphasized the biblical truth that “where there is no vision, the people perish.” Archbishop Wiggins believes that the church is about touching people’s lives right where they live. We must seize opportunities to support the growth and development of children in our neighborhoods, and that’s what Frontline is doing. We were challenged to invest in children’s futures by partnering with Frontline prayerfully and financially. I hope you will open your heart to Frontline ministry which is all about giving a community of young people a future. A talented young lady earned a standing ovation with her rendition of Whitney Houston’s song, “I believe the children are our future; teach them well and let them lead the way; show them all the beauty they possess inside; give them a sense of pride.” That’s what Frontline is doing. Who wouldn’t want to be part of that vision?”


August 4, 2022
7:30 am - 9:00 am