Igniting the passion
to Thrive!

Frontline Innovation Studio

Awakening The Genius…


The smart technologies, including artificial intelligence, big data, augmented reality, blockchain, the Internet of Things, and automation, are disrupting all of our lives across the world at an unprecedented speed. Therefore, we need to ignite the passions and provide our youth with the skills to thrive in the 4th Industrial Revolution.


Frontline Outreach Inc., is introducing Frontline Innovation Studios, (FIS), where we “Awaken the Genius in our youth!” Every young person has their genius. It is rooted in their curiosity, imagination, critical thinking and social interaction using the wide variety of physical and digital tools of the 4th Industrial Revolution. FIS awakens each youth’s genius by:

- Exposing Youth to Emerging Technologies

- Expanding Youth's Pathways to Realize Their Technology Inspired Goals

- Equipping them with the Skills and Tools to Pursue Careers and Entrepreneurism in Technology

25+ Years Of Experience

Studio Experiences

Frontline Innovation Studios guides youth through five distinct program areas: